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 How we compile our data...

What makes our data so accurate is that we gather from many different sources, cross-referencing our many databases to ensure that you are receiving only the most updated and correct data. Our Sources Include: Yellow Page Directories, Business White Page Directories, Leading business magazines and newspapers, County Courthouse and Secretary of State Data, Annual Reports, Business Directories, Internet Search Engines, SEC filings, New business registration and incorporations, and Postal service information. 

 How Can You Sell These Lists For So Little - I was quoted over $1,000 for similar lists from more than one Company?

We have the Wal-Mart philosophy - sell for less and get a whole bunch of customers! If you purchase one list from us, chances are you are going to come back and buy another list when the need arises. We look at our low prices as an investment in you that will pay off in a long term relationship.

How often are your lists updated?

Our data is updated quarterly against the National Change of Address registry (NCOA). This helps ensure that your direct-mail piece will successfully reach your intended prospects with minimal return mail. With data-point delivery verification, you will see increased RESULTS while minimizing COST. In addition to NCOA verification, we also append/update our database on a quarterly basis; adding NEW businesses to our list, and REMOVING closed businesses from the database.

 Can I See A Sample Of The Data Before I Buy?

Sure, click here

 If you had to give me 1 reason why I should purchase a Database from your Company - What would it be?

Once you become a client,  will have access to lifetime updates for only a fraction of your initial purchase price, typically 1/3rd. Buy it once - update it forever... This benefit alone will save you thousands in list acquisition fees over the years!

 Do You Have Other Databases Available?

Yes. We have an extensive database of over 14 million U.S. business records available. Please feel free to browse our site for additional information. If you still cannot find the list that you are looking for, you can e-mail us at support@businesslistdownload.com, or call us direct at 1-800-757-7496. We are here to assist....

 Can I Publish This Information On My Website?

The information from our lists cannot be published in any form or fashion. Please refer to our Terms of Service for complete details. Our lists are provided to you for direct marketing purposes only. We strictly monitor use of our data, and will pursue legal action against any parties publishing our data without expressed written permission or a License Agreement.

Own The List

Most list companies rent the data to you for a 1 time use. Once you purchase a database from us, you OWN the list and may use the data as often as you would like. You are not "renting" the list, and do not have to pay for each use as you do with our competitors. Please refer to our "Terms of Service" for complete details on allowed uses and limitations.

  Instant Download

After your order is processed, you will receive an e-mail with a Download Link for your file. Most downloads are instant! (For larger database orders, please allow up to 30 minutes.)

  Excel Formatted

Every list is already formatted in Excel and is capable of import/export into just about any application or CRM. We also offer FREE technical support.

 How do I get a disk sent to me?

In addition to your email download, we also provide you with the option of Disk delivery. If this option is selected, we will ship you out a copy of your list priority mail with tracking numbers so you'll always have a backup copy.

How can we sort leads?

You can sort by a number of different fields. (All leads are already formatted in Excel for your convenience!)

  What about regulatory issues like the DNC or CAN-SPAM act?

Our Company has adopted strict compliance rules to protect the privacy of consumers. We contractually require all marketing partners to do the same by their adopting a strict adherence to both the CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003 and the rules promulgated under the National Do-Not-Call Registry Act as well as various state privacy laws.

 Is VetListDownload.com responsible for compliance with the Do-Not-Call laws?

No. You, as the person who is actually calling the consumer/dealer to sell your services, are responsible for compliance with the Do-Not-Call laws. Despite our efforts to ensure our leads are within Do-Not-Call legal guidelines, we cannot legally stand in your place and absolve you from your responsibility to be in compliance with the law. State and federal Do-Not-Call registries exist to prevent unsolicited telemarketing calls, not calls from persons who have asked to be contacted. Under Federal rules (and most all states), b. safe harbors exist to allow a consumer to expressly grant permission to be contacted even though they have registered their phone number with a state or federal Do-Not-Call registry.  NEVERTHELESS, and despite our extraordinary efforts, current law holds you, the caller (telemarketer) responsible to comply with the Do-Not-Call rules. THEREFORE, if you are unsure about your exposure to fines under the Do-Not-Call laws, we recommend that you work with your independent counsel to develop and implement a compliance plan for your business.



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8 Reasons To Buy  Veterinary List 

 Instant Download - After your order is processed you will receive an email with your Veterinarian Database link... most downloads are Instant!

 Disk Delivery - In addition to an email download, we also provide an option for you to receive a disk copy of your data sent priority mail, so you'll always have a backup copy.

Quality Guarantee - Our Veterinarian Database is updated weekly against the National Change of Address Directory (NCOA), allowing us to guarantee that a minimum of 95% of your direct mail pieces will be delivered as addressed. (Due to various factors such as Spam Filters, IP Blocks, Server Time-outs, etc., Email deliverability rates will typically average 85% or higher.)

Discounted File Updates - When we have an update available, we notify you via email and you will only pay a small  update fee, typically only 1/3rd of the initial list cost... instead of having to buy the entire database all over again! Complete updates are released quarterly and are 100% optional. There are no subscriptions required.

You Own the List - Once you Purchase a Veterinarian Database from us, you OWN the list an may use the data as often as you like. You are not "renting" the list on a per-use basis, as you do with our competitors. Please refer to our TOS for full details and limitations.

Related Lists Available- we have hundreds of Related databases available... click here to see a few..

 Formatted In Excel -Every list is already formatted in Excel and is capable of import/export into just about any application or CRM.

Customer Support - We answer our phones 12/7 (7am - 7pm), PST, 7-days a week. We are also available by Live-Chat and e-mail for additional support options. We are here to help.


  "Just got the instant download. Everything is exactly as described.  Thank you." - Gail

"Of all the list companies you are the only one who actually answered the phone. Thanks for the great customer service." - Thomas

"I have to say that was just about the easiest purchase I have ever made on the internet.  Once I placed my order I had my list within a matter of minutes and also got a few follow up emails just to make sure everything was ok.  What other lists do you have?" - Karin

We have had great success with our list... I would refer you guys to anyone.  - Jim

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